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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A sudden Lift of Mood

I got to thank her. Some few good people do exist in this world you got to believe in that...

As my world is falling apart (only for dramatic efffect) I suddenly had a bright crazy idea why not ask her

Bright because it can be accomplished if only I have guts to answer

Crazy because we both do not know each other that too well

Given our situation to switch I might have said no ( self centered alert)

But thankfully she is different than I am

Few days ago I want to flare up and tell people that you are such a great friend (sarcastically of course)

now I dont anymore. They are driven by fear. It is fear of the unknown so afraid to trust

thankfully someone come in for a help. I never expected it and we are not really that ultra close but again thanks

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A real Friend You are

I cant contain it I must say this When you tell people you are guaranteeing something isnt it time they believe you?

Though it is something new

Though it has never been done

Though it may have "risks"

When all you ask is trust

I cant blame them although I am

I must do something about it they were out of this

This is my own problem that I must deal with it on my terms

It is my problem after all

Though I have told them not to worry they couldnt take my word for it

This is the real life each has a wrong notion of things whats wrong for me might be right for them

Thats the deal live with it

And if ever you drop out of this maybe it wasnt meant to be

or other avenues are still available its not the end of it all

So deal with it

How thankful you are

You Are 84% Thankful

You're an incredibly thankful person, and everyone around you feels very appreciated.

You inspire people to be more optimistic, forgiving, and grateful.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Am I happy

I am, I really am, I truly am

Hopefully better tomorrow

I am so blessed with my family friends and loved ones

They keep me going… even though sometimes I am about to give up

And try to be something else but no, they keep me grounded and alive

To see a better perspective in my life I must admit I do want to quit sometimes and forget all about it

But somehow an inner force keeps me from doing what I am committed to do

I am committed otherwise; I won’t keep going… I will just be in despair

But no, I refuse to give in to the unpleasant site… I must get by and be whole again

Because someone I know believes in me No matter where I am

That someone will always keep me from doing what I am suppose to be doing

Loving life and enjoying every minute of it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dawned on Me

met someone at a coffee shop

She is friendly though I must admit I dont meet people that I regularly talk online

But what the heck I am just a few blocks away from her office so I did.

Not knowing what will happen

I may be in her territory but hey I am still im familiar with the area

Anyway, I waited for her there and then thats it non stop talking

As if we really do know each other too well So she talked and I listen vice versa

A sudden realization came over me this girl knows her craft way too well than I am

An expert in the making gosh but hey I am also getting there

She knows it well she is on her way to success

We almost start at the same time but somehow she is not just one step ahead of me

Probably a thousand steps. And what am I supposed to do?

Simple... start my own craft and deal with it no matter how delayed I was

from my fellow attendees

Now, I sure know what to do and that is minimize the things that I am doing

my own personal battle are also taking a back seat I must admit so I must

take extra precaution am I doing it all but going nowhere?

Am I forgeting that these are just "part time" and I am still a reviewee

so the point is clear what is your niche? in short what are your priorities

determine that and then move forward into accomplishing it

Remember that you have to prepare for the bigger picture

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Buddies in College

College Life Days and Friends

I was so amazed by the bond that we kept all through this years

As if nothing really changed though everything has except for one thing

That is the friendship we shared and the care we have for each other No matter where we go

where we have gone through and where we are about to go

It’s a very exciting thought that somehow you have your own chosen family, called friends

People who will always be there for you regardless of distance and space between you and them

As you embarked into your own journey the people who matters with you stays with you no matter what

I just realized one thing, back in college we tend to neglect the times we are together Since everyday we spent our time in the same place, but little did I know that in about four years and all of a sudden we will permanently not see each other on a regular basis. We will only be seeing each other if we find time for each other

as What is happening right now, We are bounded by our own commitment towards our own goals,

our responsibilities, and our jobs.

Because as it is we are busy, doing something for the future for the present and to mend the past

I miss the nightly drinking spree. The singing career of each other, Our tug-of-war of who gets to be first

Our naughty retorts on every comment we receive from each other

The times when we almost fight with each other in such a way that it feels like its world war

The times when we are always late in class

The thesis days the loud laughter every time one commits a hilarious mistake. the ups and downs of a college life and more to it the togetherness we shared

I simply miss the times when we always see each other everyday do assignments together copy each other during exams

And a lot of things that we do Just to pass and get by with our subjects.

And now, as we give each other the time to be with other people to share the blessing as we do the things that is required of us.

Let me tell you how grateful I am that I was once part of your everyday life and you were in mine

Until now I cherish those moments where we find happiness in everything we do.

I will truly miss you the fun the laughters the tears the struggles we shared.

And may we be successful and happy in our chosen fields.

Love you Guys!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vacation Time at the Resort

Two day vacation in a far away city
I was excited yet a bit anxious
What will happen in this two day break from reality?
Will it be a fun fun fun day for me?
As this was my first time ever to be out without any relative or a close friend with me
Suffice it to say I am so excited
We got into the bus
As we await for the other employees to arrive
How about a photo op first
Ever since I got this digital camera I was so addicted into taking photos
I was so relieved that everything turned out to be great

First Day....

The greenest place I have ever seen!
Isn’t that amazing?
The ponds, the kayaking and the boating, plus the man-made swimming pool
The white sand volleyball area the mountain replica
All looks good to me
And I just can’t wait to dip into the pool
Of course we need to check in our bags first
So we wait for a while and of course while waiting take some photos
Then we finally have our room and then the fun started
We get on our swimming clothes and we survey the room
And chill a bit after a while we walk leisurely in the place
I love the place it gives you a sense of peace and quietness
And as if everything is possible and exciting we even have a celebration

Of course the First night....

I have never drank that much alcoholic drink in my entire life
I have probably been drunk but that is my way of being tipsy
I don’t want to exceed my alcohol intake
I liked the food that they were serving us
I somehow liked the fish which I seldom disliked as its smell is awful
Basically eat swim and be happy No worries
Each person are only starting to get to know one another
Each has a funny story to tell
Each were just plain having fun
As always we are the unruly ones we are either super late or super early
At meal times we have the most number of servings
We had the chance to discover each other's wacky sides and unguarded moments

On our way back to reality...

The chats that we've made the friendship that we shared will surely
Rest in our memory forever
While on the bus we felt the exhaustion of the vacation
So on our way back we are all asleep
Taking the chance to reserve some energy
I will surely miss this bunch of people come a time when I have to leave them

They were cool caring people almost as if I am not at work but playing at the same time earning
I was so glad that day I was able to experience the feeling of being alone with the new found friends
That I will treasure forever. It goes to show, that sometimes it’s not even the length of time you spend
With the people but the amount of care and love you share to people regardless of who they are
Try to listen share your insights and be accommodating to people
You might be surprised of how much you can discover yourself through your dealings with others